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Company Background

Mis Kombucha, a vibrant and health-driven brand, was born out of the personal journey of its founder, Angeline. Her fascination with kombucha was ignited by its reputation as a probiotic-rich, gut-loving beverage. Guided by an unwavering determination to find a solution for her health concerns, she spent nearly a year experimenting with various brewing techniques, tea blends, and flavor combinations.

Through countless hours of trial and error, Angeline honed her skills and developed her own unique recipes. Her kitchen became a laboratory of innovation, where she combined her passion for natural ingredients with her commitment to crafting a kombucha that was as delicious as it was therapeutic. As she perfected her techniques, she witnessed a remarkable transformation in her own digestion and well-being.

From its modest origins, Mis Kombucha has blossomed into a thriving business that echoes Angeline’s commitment to quality and holistic wellness. Each bottle of Mis Kombucha encapsulates her determination, creativity, and the journey of discovery that began in her kitchen.